Spiced Chocolate Chunk–Pumpkin Seed Cookies

Newsflash: it’s autumn.  Where did the time go?!  Labor Day has come and gone, which (in my mind) means the unofficial start of fall.  Many of my friends have expressed devastation over the loss of warm and carefree summer days, but fall has always been my favorite season.  I’m looking forward to walks in crisp… Read More Spiced Chocolate Chunk–Pumpkin Seed Cookies

Chocolate and Lemon Biscotti

Oh look, another biscotti post.  “Really, Mary Ellen?”  Yes, really!  They are my true love.  Okay, maybe not my true love, but they are certainly my biggest baking vice. So imagine my joy when earlier this year, an entire book of biscotti recipes came out.  It even has a cute name – Ciao Biscotti!  It’s almost… Read More Chocolate and Lemon Biscotti

Banana and Chocolate Crunch Cake with Graham Cracker Frosting

Thanks for all the great feedback on my first PDX Fit post – there might be some more coming your way in the future!  But for today, back to our regularly scheduled baking programming.  And I’m back with a good one! If you’re not familiar with Michelle and her fabulous baking blog Hummingbird High, you… Read More Banana and Chocolate Crunch Cake with Graham Cracker Frosting

Lemon Polenta Pistachio Buttons

My blog doesn’t have much of at “theme;” I pretty much do whatever I want.  The majority of my posts are about baking, but this is not exclusively a baking blog.  I’m someone who generally watches what she eats and makes exercise a priority in her life, but this is most definitely not a healthy eating… Read More Lemon Polenta Pistachio Buttons