After many friends telling me, “You should do a cooking blog!” here I am.  Welcome to my cooking blog, or more accurately a recipe journal.  This is an attempt to document my adventures in a small kitchen in Washington, DC. I love to cook, and especially love to bake.  I learned a lot about cooking from my amazing grandmother; born in Greece, everything she touched in the kitchen turned into culinary gold.  One goal of this blog is to try to replicate some of her recipes.

Another goal?  Finding a balance between healthy eating and enjoying the finer things in life (defined here as butter, chocolate, sugar, and the like).  This is not a healthy eating blog, but I try to eat well every day.  Can I eat any of the many cookie recipes on this site every day?  No – but that doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally indulge.  The key to eating (and life) is a very simple, ancient rule: everything in moderation.

Oh, and what is Pâte à Chew?  It is a play on pâte à choux (pronounced “pat a choo”).  Pâte à choux is a French pastry dough used as the base of many sweet and savory foods, like profiteroles, cream puffs, eclairs, etc.  Yet for such a fancy pastry, it is incredibly simple with only four ingredients: butter, water, flour, and eggs.  This is the theme of my kitchen, and this website: making delicious food can be surprisingly simple.  At least usually; you might see a few kitchen disasters here.  But all you can do is laugh and learn.

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